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About Age Care

Age Care Association is a fully registered, non-profit making organisation staffed entirely by volunteers. Our Spanish registration number is 6282 CIF: G92487602. The majority of our work concerns helping older British people living in the Province of Malaga, though persons of other nationalities who speak English are of course helped. We provide welfare information, practical support and a help line (Telephone: 691761088). The Association also has a visiting team for persons in hospital or at their own home. Volunteers also visit people in Care Homes when necessary. As part of our work we have also helped repatriate people to the UK, where there are more facilities for care and access to benefits unavailable in Spain. Some of our volunteers have had careers in nursing, education, psychology and other caring professions and are accustomed to listening in a sympathetic and kind manner.


Your Help

To enable us to continue and expand our work we have the following priorities. First, we need the services of a professional community nurse (similar to a district nurse in the UK). Second, we also need to establish a charity shop to supplement our income. It is abundantly clear that people are living longer, with the consequent health, social, emotional and community problems and needs. Age Care Association is doing as much as we can to improve the lifestyles of vulnerable old people on the Coast and inland, and with your help we can do more.


Our Website

 We hope that you find this website's contents of interest. It is based on experience gathered over a number of years of working with older people. What we cover in this site reflects some of the major issues, concerns and aspects of information, which we believe will help people to enjoy their time in Andalusia. We believe that the information contained in the brochure is correct at the time of printing. You will understand that there will inevitably be differences as telephone numbers change, new benefits become available, or governmental regulations change, and other official bodies affecting older people make decisions. Accordingly, we have a number of Fact Sheets about living in Spain, which can be downloaded from these pages. These will be updated as and when necessary. If you have any comments to make about the brochure, or any other ideas for inclusion in a future brochure please contact us.

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Pueblo Andaluz (Fase 1) 33, Calle Las Yucas, Benalmadena Costa 29630 Malaga
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