Our Mission is to make a difference to the lives of the older English speaking community on the Costa del Sol.
We aim to provide practical services to help people stay independent at home, have access to healthcare and social care and have opportunities to participate and have social interaction with others and to enjoy a sense of well-being.

Our Vision is simply to continue our work and help more older English speaking people on the Costa del Sol.
Age Care was founded in 2001 and two of the founding members were Maurice Featherman and Dr. Charles Betty helped by his wife, Eileen. He and his wife moved to the Costa del Sol in 1985 and spent over 20 years in charitable service. He was President for five years from 2007-2012 and from this time Age Care has gone from strength to strength and grown into a Charity which helps so many elderly English speaking people in need of help, advice or loneliness.

Age Care Association is a fully registered, non-profit making charity staffed entirely by volunteers, without whom the charity would not exist.

We have two Patrons Bruce Mckintyre MBE a former British Consul and Baroness Golding who was an English Politician.

There is an Age Care AGM and all volunteers are invited to attend At this meeting the Executive Committee are elected. This year 2018 the Executive Committee consists of:-
* President Syd Weldon
* Vice President Tom Tarr
* Welfare Leader Ray Mynott

The Executive Committee have monthly meetings.
All accounts are audited annually by a professional auditor.
Ray Mynott takes the minutes of all meetings.
A Publicity Officer, Bobby Griffiths who also does some administrative duties.
Hillary - Our Information Officer
Colin Norcott - Our Treasurer

We have four Welfare Leaders who organise the weekly Drop-in Coffee Mornings, as well as other welfare work. They meet on a monthly basis with members of the Executive committee. We hold drop-in Coffee Mornings in six locations.

There are shop volunteers and welfare volunteers who undertake many roles in the organisation.

It is important to say that Age Care is not an emergency service and we are not qualified to give any medical advice or assistance but we do use other professional medical organisations when needed.

We also cannot be held responsible if any advice given is deemed to be incorrect. We will always recommend the "professional services" if we cannot answer a query.
The Foreigners Department based in the town halls of different areas (Ayuntamiento) will be able to give you accurate information. Telephone numbers are in the section - Emergency Numbers.

We also hold two special occasions each year for clients. An Afternoon Tea Party each summer and A Christmas Lunch both usually held at The Tamisa Golf Hotel which is in absolutely delightful surroundings.