Christmas Party Volunteers



A fantastic, glamorous evening was had by all at the Annual Christmas Dinner for volunteers and guests of Age Care which was held at The Miraflores Golf Hotel on Saturday evening the 12th December 2015

The festivities began with a brief speech by the president Syd Weldon thanking everybody including Tom Tarr the Vice President for their hard work and dedication throughout the year and gave an overview of how some of the funds that had been raised had been spent. He emphasised that the work that the charity does to provide practical support, help and advice is amazing and that he was proud of all the volunteers who volunteer their time to such a worthy cause.

A fabulous three course meal followed during which everybody was entertained by Ricky Lavazza. At the end of the evening most people relaxed and enjoyed the music and danced. The event provides an opportunity to socialise with other volunteers from different areas and roles in order to celebrate a fantastic and productive year together.

Age Care Volunteers come from all walks of life with a wealth of life experiences and they all contribute their time freely and willingly to help the older English speaking community in a wide variety of ways.


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