Intrepid Travellers September 2016

Age Care’s Intrepid Travellers

004Two clients of Age Care Association, Jean and Maggie who regularly attend the coffee morning on a Tuesday in Calahonda were fortunate enough to sit next to each other at the summer Tea Party held at the Tamisa Golf Hotel. One of the entertainers during the occasion was an Elvis tribute artist. This was instrumental in the two ladies discovering that they both absolutely loved Elvis and singing Elvis songs. This led them to organising the trip of a lifetime to visit to Memphis, America to see everything they could that was connected with Elvis. They were exuberant in their descriptions of what they saw and their experiences. They went on The Memphis Riverboat on the Mississippi River; they visited The Elvis Mansions and Gardens, as well as much more. Another highlight for them was that they
met in the hotel a famous artist Ernie Patton who knew Elvis for 25 years and actually did a portrait of him of he gave them a small copy of the portrait.

002They both wanted me to know that had it not been for Age Care they would
never have met and had such a wonderful adventure that they would remember forever.

Taking Fear out of Death September 2016


Age Care hosted an informative talk at the drop in centre which is held every Tuesday at The International Baptist Church in Calahonda. The talk was led by Leslie Thomson who outlined some aspects of the procedures when either dealing with the passing of a loved one or suggested preparations one can organise for themselves or others. He explained the differences in the types of death certificates and the importance of having copies of all documents including passports. Like anything he emphasised not to sign anything until you are sure that you understand what you are signing. One of the main points that came out of the talk was to let your friends and family know if you have any funeral plans in place or your wishes and if you have to deal with the death of a loved one, always contact a friend to support you. After the talk many people asked lots of questions.010