Brexpat Talk November 2016


As part of the Age Care regular Tuesday Calahonda coffee morning November 15th they held a meeting led by the BREXPAT team. The meeting attended by over85 people, was opened by Lesley Berridge Welfare leader for Calahonda Age Care, she introduced The panel of Brexiteers  Anne Hernandez who led the meeting by explaining that there is no need to panic and that the Spanish people and Government do not want the expats to leave Spain. Anette Skou and Katja Thirion representing the Mijas Town Hall also spoke on the advantages of joining the Padron as each Spanish town receives a Government allowance for each person on the Padron.

Diego Martinez mentioned a Government scheme where you can purchase health care in the Spanish public system by paying, under 65’s €60 euros per month and over 65’s €157 per month it is called Convenio Especial and applications can be made through INGESA Spanish National Institute of Health Management. Many others areas were discussed. 20161115_123018

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