Citizens Advice Talk


001As part of the coffee morning at Calahonda which is held at The International Baptist Church every Tuesday between 11-1pm, clients and visitors were given an informative talk by Myra Azzopardi the founder of Citizens Advice here in Spain. It was extremely interesting and she covered many relevant topics.

The main area she talked about was new regulations on ‘Plusvalia’ which is basically the town hall taxes one pays on selling a property or the taxes due when a spouse or partner dies. There is a court ruling that no longer do you have to pay taxes on a profit you haven’t made. She informed guests that dual nationality is not possible in Spain. To become a Spanish National one must renounce any other passport. Reductions can get obtained on electricity costs if one only has 3kw potencia and wills for non-residents. She also warned people about the con men who operate the butane gas scam. The men can be very persuasive and intimidating insisting they are from the company and you need to pay them for licences etc. Do not let them into your property or pay them. She also informed people that they do have rights to change a Doctor or hospital if you feel justified in your decisions but it must be within the area that you live. She also mentioned about Rental Contracts, registering on the pardon and the over 65’s can apply for a Junta Green Card from a social service office which will enable certain entitlements.

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