Welsh Society Donation



Syd Weldon, President of Age Care Association was delighted to receive a huge donation of 1,500€ from The Welsh Society which is an extremely small group of enthusiastic people in Benalmadena, that raise money for charitable organisations. Age Care was the recipients of their fund raising activities this year. The President of the Welsh Society is Cath John who is an entertainer and bar owner of CJ’s in Benalmadena. Her earnest passion leads her small team to raise money over Christmas in order to bake traditional Welsh cakes and fare to sell on Saint David’s Day to raise money to help the community.

Age Care became involved with The Welsh Society because an 84 year gentleman became seriously ill and needed urgent medical help and care home facilities which the family couldn’t afford. Age Care provided support, medical assistance and paid for him to be looked after in a Care Home for a short period of time. Latterly, The Welsh Society took over and helped to repatriate him to back to Wales, also providing a nurse to accompany him on the journey. His daughter, who was also present at the presentation was tearful and so full of praise and eternal gratitude for the help her father received from Age Care Association.

004Also present at the presentation was other members of the Welsh Society, Carol Weldon, wife of the President of Age Care who is also a volunteer and Gina Foster who is the Team Leader of the Benalmadena Age Care Coffee morning which is held every Monday between 11am -1pm at Bar Pitanza, near Bonanza Square and the Church.