Welsh Society Donation



Syd Weldon, President of Age Care Association was delighted to receive a huge donation of 1,500€ from The Welsh Society which is an extremely small group of enthusiastic people in Benalmadena, that raise money for charitable organisations. Age Care was the recipients of their fund raising activities this year. The President of the Welsh Society is Cath John who is an entertainer and bar owner of CJ’s in Benalmadena. Her earnest passion leads her small team to raise money over Christmas in order to bake traditional Welsh cakes and fare to sell on Saint David’s Day to raise money to help the community.

Age Care became involved with The Welsh Society because an 84 year gentleman became seriously ill and needed urgent medical help and care home facilities which the family couldn’t afford. Age Care provided support, medical assistance and paid for him to be looked after in a Care Home for a short period of time. Latterly, The Welsh Society took over and helped to repatriate him to back to Wales, also providing a nurse to accompany him on the journey. His daughter, who was also present at the presentation was tearful and so full of praise and eternal gratitude for the help her father received from Age Care Association.

004Also present at the presentation was other members of the Welsh Society, Carol Weldon, wife of the President of Age Care who is also a volunteer and Gina Foster who is the Team Leader of the Benalmadena Age Care Coffee morning which is held every Monday between 11am -1pm at Bar Pitanza, near Bonanza Square and the Church.

Anettes Talk


Age Care Association last week hosted a talk from the Mijas Foreigners Department at the weekly Calahonda Coffee Morning which is held at the International Baptist Church every Tuesday at 11 am. The talk was led by Anette Skou and supported by Katja Thirion . They informed the audience about the history of the Department during the past thirty-two years and how they support ‘foreigners’ in a wide variety of ways, from information to advice and to organising special cultural events and activities to bring people together. The Department also organises translators at medical practices, Spanish classes, language exchange workshops, as well as volunteers to support English in schools.


They talked at length on the importance to the principality of Malaga of registering on the Padron and the financial revenue this brings to the area. Residents were reminded that they need to renew registration every five years. Pensioners were entitled to obtain ‘Pensioner Cards’ and this would enable attendance at social events throughout the year and to go on organised trips to a variety of places of interest.

The talk was well attended by nearly one hundred people and was both interesting and informative.

Ambassador Event


Representatives from Age Care Association were invited to attend an event on Friday 3rd February held at the Cementerio Ingles (The English Cemetery) in Malaga, where Simon Manley CMG, The British Ambassador to Spain was visiting to see the Cemetery and to pay tribute and lay flowers to William Mark 1824-1936 a former British Consul and who at the time was terribly upset by the burial rights of non Catholics. It was due to his persistent efforts he was eventually given permission to create a cemetery for non-Roman Catholics on a sight in Malaga near St George’s Anglican Church.

029Syd Weldon and Tom Tarr, President and Vice President of Age Care accompanied by Bobby Griffiths, Publicity Officer was delighted to attend and be part of the occasion. Bruce McIntyre MBE a former British Consul is a Patron of Age Care Association and also President of the now English Cementery in Malaga Foundation, and has been instrumental in safe guarding the Cemetery by agreeing with the British Government the foundation, a Spanish Charity established to preserve, maintain and administer the Cemetery as part of Malaga’s historic heritage. It is a beautiful sight with many rare trees and deserves to be preserved. Funds are raised by corporate sponsorship, donations and fund raising.

Citizens Advice Talk


001As part of the coffee morning at Calahonda which is held at The International Baptist Church every Tuesday between 11-1pm, clients and visitors were given an informative talk by Myra Azzopardi the founder of Citizens Advice here in Spain. It was extremely interesting and she covered many relevant topics.

The main area she talked about was new regulations on ‘Plusvalia’ which is basically the town hall taxes one pays on selling a property or the taxes due when a spouse or partner dies. There is a court ruling that no longer do you have to pay taxes on a profit you haven’t made. She informed guests that dual nationality is not possible in Spain. To become a Spanish National one must renounce any other passport. Reductions can get obtained on electricity costs if one only has 3kw potencia and wills for non-residents. She also warned people about the con men who operate the butane gas scam. The men can be very persuasive and intimidating insisting they are from the company and you need to pay them for licences etc. Do not let them into your property or pay them. She also informed people that they do have rights to change a Doctor or hospital if you feel justified in your decisions but it must be within the area that you live. She also mentioned about Rental Contracts, registering on the pardon and the over 65’s can apply for a Junta Green Card from a social service office which will enable certain entitlements.

Volunteer Party


008A wonderful evening was had by all at the Annual Christmas Dinner for volunteers and guests of Age Care which was held at The Miraflores Golf Hotel on Saturday evening the 10th December.

The president Syd Weldon thanked everybody for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. He emphasised that the work that the charity does to provide practical support and to help with advice is amazing and that he proud of all the volunteers who volunteer their time to such a worthy cause.

002Liz Stott the Treasurer thanked Syd the President and Tom the Vice President and their respective wives, Carol and Natalie for their tireless work for the charity. A fabulous three course meal followed during which they were entertained by Ricky Lavazza. At the end of the evening most people relaxed and enjoyed the music and danced. The event provides an opportunity to socialise with other volunteers from different areas and roles in order to celebrate a fantastic and productive year together.

Clients Lunch Party


021A special event on the calendar for Age Care is the Annual Christmas Luncheon for pensioners. More than 118 clients, carers and guests attended the event which was held at The Tamisa Golf Hotel on the afternoon on the 7th December. Everybody was welcomed with a glass of mulled wine and a wonderful selection of hors d’oeuvres followed by short speech from the President Syd Weldon thanking all the welfare volunteers for their invaluable help with the organisation for the party. Then all were served with a wonderful three course meal of mushroom soup and a Traditional Turkey Christmas Luncheon followed by Christmas Pudding and coffee. During lunch entertainment was provided by the singer Laura 025Ellen. Followed by ‘Mania Performers’ an amazing group of local singers and dancers who also volunteered their time to entertain everybody with rousing and humorous Christmas songs as well as encouraging and inviting the guests to dance of whom many participated.

Local dignitaries also attended to support the Charity included Patron Bruce McIntyre MBE ex British Consul and his wife Norma and Anette Skou of the Mijas Foreigners Department who supports the work of Age Care and co-ordinates activities and events for the benefit of all foreigners.

067When guests were leaving they all said that it was a wonderful event and they would remember it for a long time.

Carol Concert




012What a wonderful start to Christmas, to participate and enjoy Christmas Carols and songs and that’s what happened at the Age Care Day Centre last Tuesday morning at The International Baptist Church, Calahonda. The clients, volunteers and guests who numbered over 60 were treated to a special event heralding the beginning of the Christmas festivities. It was led by Wendy and John who are close friends to the Volunteer Welfare Leader Lesley Berridge who organised the event.

015Everyone was in full voice and joined in with gusto singing Tradition Carols and good old favourite Christmas songs. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was never appreciated more with smiles and the waving of arms. Wendy and John did a marvellous job and Age Care thanks them profusely for volunteering their time to entertain their clients and guests with songs and stories. Everybody really enjoyed the event.

Age Care Association is a non-profit making organisation run entirely by volunteers whose aim is to help the older English speaking community across the Costa del Sol from Benalmadena to Marbella.

For information: 952 933 409 / 635 407 255 Email: info@agecarecosta.org

ACA Receives An Award

20161201_205832 (1)AGE CARE ASSOCIATION RECEIVES AN AWARD December 2016

At a recent event organised by The Mijas Foreigners Department in order to recognise the tremendous work and contribution local charities provide to the community as a whole. Over twenty Charities were invited to attend Las Lagunas Theatre to celebrate the dedication and commitment of volunteers that enable every charity to function.

Age Care Association was extremely honoured to be one of three charities that received an award. The Trophy was presented to Syd Weldon, President of Age Care and Tom Tarr, Vice President by the Mayor of Mijas Juan Carlos Maldonado.

Age Care Association is ecstatic to have received this award and thanks The Mijas Foreigners Department for their recognition of the work that Age Care does for the community.

Brexpat Talk November 2016


As part of the Age Care regular Tuesday Calahonda coffee morning November 15th they held a meeting led by the BREXPAT team. The meeting attended by over85 people, was opened by Lesley Berridge Welfare leader for Calahonda Age Care, she introduced The panel of Brexiteers  Anne Hernandez who led the meeting by explaining that there is no need to panic and that the Spanish people and Government do not want the expats to leave Spain. Anette Skou and Katja Thirion representing the Mijas Town Hall also spoke on the advantages of joining the Padron as each Spanish town receives a Government allowance for each person on the Padron.

Diego Martinez mentioned a Government scheme where you can purchase health care in the Spanish public system by paying, under 65’s €60 euros per month and over 65’s €157 per month it is called Convenio Especial and applications can be made through INGESA Spanish National Institute of Health Management. Many others areas were discussed. 20161115_123018

Donation to Cudeca November 2016


011Age Care President, Syd Weldon, The Vice President Tom Tarr and his wife Natalie were invited to Cudeca in Benalmadena in order to receive a plaque from Cudeca in recognition of their donations to the charity. Cudeca has on many occasions over the last few years helped Age Care clients with support with cancer in many ways when Age Care has not been able to.

They were given a comprehensive tour and descriptions of what each area does in order t012o help and support cancer patients and their families. They then had the great pleasure of meeting Joan Hunt OBE who was the founder and now Honorary President as well as Vice President Susan Hannam and Marisa Martin Rosello, CEO Medical Director who Joan referred to them as ‘the three musketeers’. Joan was extremely pleased to present Age Care Association a plaque but Syd Weldon surprised her by giving them a further donation of 5000€ at which they were extremely grateful.