Care Homes

Are you, or do you know someone who is thinking of moving into a Care Home? Several points should be considered when choosing a home, some general and some specific to Spain. But maybe the first thing is to look at the alternatives, such as having nursing help, or simply a trained carer to look after you. If you require any help or advice on these points do ring our telephone our information line or email us at for information about various care homes in the Province of Malaga. What we cannot do is recommend any particular home. Something worth considering is to ask a friend or acquaintance who has had experience of being actually in a Care Home. This information could be useful when you are making a decision to have this kind of care, or indeed for any other form of help in the home.

The distinction between different types of Care Home (Residential, Nursing, Specialised) is not very clear-cut in Spain. We suggest that it is necessary to consider a number of points when choosing a home. To help you make an informed decision arrange to visit a home after you have considered the following points:

Is the home near where you want to be? Is public transport available?

Does the home offer suitable care for your needs? What about future needs - wheelchair, incontinence, mental confusion, terminally ill?

Does the home look comfortable and inviting? Does it smell fresh? Is it clean?

Are there a variety of activities and outings available? Is sufficient medical help available?

Is there a choice of menu? Are special diets catered for? Is the choice of food interesting, varied and good quality?

Daily living
Do you know any of the existing residents? Is there somewhere to see visitors in private? Who owns the home? Is it financially stable?

Special considerations for Spain
What nationalities are the current residents? Do the people who work in the care home speak English?

Age Care could possibly help you to find information on the Care Homes of your choice, help you contact them and even provide you with transport to take you to visit some of them.