Death in Spain

Dealing with Death in Spain

It is not a pleasant subject to broach, but unfortunately it is a reality, and it can be distressing when the death of a loved one happens in Spain. A registered doctor must certify the cause of death before the body is released to the next of kin or the undertakers. Obviously it is not possible here to go into comprehensive details about what to do when death occurs, but be very careful what you sign at this stage. We can provide the names of undertakers who will take care of the formalities involved in death. A number of undertakers have pre-paid funeral plans. It is suggested that you discuss what your needs and requirements are with representatives of undertakers, and what sort of plan suits your personal and financial commitments. The undertakers provide a comprehensive service and will take care of all the legal and other problems associated with death.

Whatever you decide to do regarding the death of someone in the future, when it happens it will be a stressful time. Coping with bereavement can be traumatic, especially if the death of a partner leaves you lonely and without face-to-face family support. Of course, friends may give support. Every person copes with death in his or her own way. If grief becomes an emotional burden, or seems too difficult to handle, perhaps a local priest or vicar can help. We at Age Care Association may also be able to help. Our information line is 635 407 255 alternatively email us at