Health Care

Age Care Association is a caring organisation and although we have many welfare volunteers who used to work in the medical profession and in roles as qualified carers we are legally not able to assess, diagnose or treat medical conditions or situations but we do use several Official Medical Organisations who will assess medical needs on our behalf and in certain circumstances can deliver medical treatments, injections and support or physiotherapy.

Age Care can help you in many other ways. We are there for you if you require assistance. Clients (meaning that you are registered as a person with Age Care who we can support and help) who need assistance with shopping; transport to Doctor, Hospital, Optician or Hearing Centre appointments: transport to attend Coffee Mornings where you can meet people and have a chat and discuss any problems or issues with Welfare Staff..

Health is not just medical conditions it is about the well-being of the whole person. Feeling lonely or isolated can cause many psychological problems and we have volunteers who will come and visit you, have a coffee and stay for a while and have a chat. They will drop in to see you regularly.
Depression due to bereavement, Age Care Welfare Volunteers will support you and will listen to you with great compassion and understanding and will try and support you during this awful time.

It is important that if you retire here and intend to stay and become a resident that you get the appropriate forms from
The Pension Service, Tyneview Park, Medical Benefits, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE98 1 BA
Please click here for more information
The S1 form can be downloaded as well

You need to inform them that you are leaving to live in Spain and ask for an S1 (previously E121).. This will enable you to apply for a Spanish Medical Card (Tajeta Sanitaria) and you will receive National Health treatment here exactly as you would do from England. You will need these forms not only to apply for your medical card but also to eventually become a permanent resident.
The other solution is to take out Private Medical Insurance or Insurance with one of the companies that provide immediate medical support and assistance.

We are not able to promote any particular Medical Insurance Companies or Immediate Response Medical Teams but if you call us we can make suggestions who you may be able to call. However, we cannot be held responsible for your choice or any service that you may receive.