What is classed as useful information if it does not answer your enquiry? However, these are some of the areas that we feel may be relevant to you or others as retired people.

You can always call our information line 635 407 255 or email and we will endeavour to find the answer to your enquiry.

Hiring or buying of mobility aids – walking frames with or without wheels / seat / shopping baskets:
We occasionally have these in the shop that you can loan for a small returnable deposit but there are other places that you can buy or rent them in Fuengirola and Los Boliches.

Walking sticks:
We occasionally have walking sticks in the shop for sale.

Wheel chairs – manual or motorised:
We have on some occasions had these for sale in the shop. However, if we have one, we also will loan you one for a small returnable deposit and ask you to make a donation to the shop.

It is important to have a Spanish will for your assets here. If you have assets in England then also have an English will. It has to be prepared by a Solicitor (Abogado) and notorised by a Notary. Please contact citizens advice Spain they have exact information on the new regulations.

Driving Licence:
It is now against the law if you are a resident to drive here on a British Licence. It depends if you are stopped whether the police would be generous or difficult. There can be fines to pay. Transferring your current driving licence to a Spanish one is not difficult but quite time consuming. A lawyer can do it for you or you can do it yourself, but you will have to do a reaction test, have your hearing and vision tested but it all happens in one place that has been approval to do them. There is one in Fuengirola, near the bus station. Clinica San Francisco tel:952 583 000. That test costs about 50 euros and it's about 90 euros to get it changed. It can take a few months but you will receive all your documentation returned officially stamped so you will be able to drive without your new card.

Transfer of car registration plates from English to Spanish:
If you are a resident you will need to change to Spanish plates. If you are a non-resident and your car stays in Spain it is still advisable to change it.

NIE number:
Everyone buying a property needs an NIE number. This is obtained by getting the appropriate form from The Comisario de Policia in Fuengirola or Marbella depending where you are purchasing. Completing the application form and providing certain documentation. The Guadia Civil, the Comisario de Policia or a solicitor will help you with this and they will inform you what documentation you require.

Permanent Residency:
If you intend to stay here more than three months at a time, there are benefits for you to become a permanent resident but this is your choice. However, if you are retired and have permanent residency you will be eligible for a medical card and receive health care here as you would in England.

Our advice would be to contact The Foreigners Department in the area that you live; they will give you advice and what to do. Telephone numbers are on the section Emergency Numbers.

There are many Banks that speak English, the choice is yours. Most offer a service of free monthly transfer of money from England to your Spanish account but you need to make sure. Pop in and speak to them and when you feel comfortable with them, their advice and support, then you make the decision. If you decide in the future that you are not happy with the service – then change your account to another bank. Just like you would do in England.

Just like in England there are many insurance companies and it important to ask for quotations from them and feel clear on what you are covered for. House insurance – fire, water damage, breakages, theft etc – what is covered or not! Is there a limit on specific articles or items? It is exactly as in England. The same applies for car insurance because it does differ here. Articles or belongings in the car are generally not covered for theft. Ask and get the answers!

Medical card:
You can only apply to get a medical card (Tarjeta Sanitarios) if you are a permanent resident and have reached retirement age. (Unless you are working here and paying Spanish taxes) This is explained in the section – Health Care.

Mobile phones:
When you get a mobile phone, write down the IMEI number. You will need this if your phone is lost or stolen so that you can contact your provider and cancel all calls on that phone. You will also need it to report a theft to the Guadia Civil in order to get 'denuncia' (a report of the theft)

We would like to add that the Citizens Advice Centre in Spain offers well researched information on many issues. You can contact them by phone or email.

The Foreigners Department in different areas are always willing to help you with advice. Phone numbers are in the section Emergency Numbers

Disclaimer: We would like to add that we have only provided general information that may help you but do not take any responsibility for your decisions.