Volunteers play a vital role in achieving our goals

We have a dedicated group of volunteers with a wealth of lifetime experiences. Being a volunteer is a rewarding one, to know that you are helping the Charity to do such good work in the community. Our volunteers make lots of friends and meet many people. There are two main types of volunteers, those who work in the Charity Shop at El Zoco, Calahonda, and those who have a role on the welfare side. Everyone is valued whatever their role.

There is an Executive committee led by the President, Syd Weldon; a Vice President, Tom Tarr; a Treasurer, Liz Stott; a Welfare Co-Ordinator, Sue Thompson and Welfare Leader Ray Mynott. There is a Minutes Secretary, Christine Elhaj and a Publicity Officer, Bobby Griffiths. They all have completely different roles but the one thing that is common to everybody, is that they all volunteer their time in order to support Age Care Association.