The role of welfare volunteers can be multi -faceted. Some organise and support the Coffee Mornings in the five locations. These are wonderful opportunities for people to meet, chat and get information.

Many of the elderly people who attend the coffee mornings just like being out in a social setting and often make some very good friends.

Volunteers will chat with people making sure that they are okay or helping with issues or problems that they may have. Many have questions such as 'how do I access healthcare?', 'how do I become a resident?' 'Should I be on the Padron?' 'where can I get a hearing aid from'? etc.

Volunteers can give confidential help and guidance about many different problems affecting older people. Many of the volunteers have had careers in other caring professions, others just want to help because they are caring people. Many have been carers previously and are accustomed to listening in a sympathetic and kind manner.

There are many people who are house bound for a variety of reasons and there are welfare volunteers who will visit clients in their home, do their shopping or help transport clients to hospital or Doctor Visits as well as taking them to the Coffee Mornings.

There are welfare volunteers who are 'drivers' who with prior arrangements will pick up clients to take them to a variety of places especially the Dr. or hospital appointment. (Depending on a financial assessment) In addition we have 'translators' who will assist clients where the language is a barrier. Volunteers who can speak English and Spanish are always needed, for a variety of purposes.

In certain cases and after an assessment, care will be provided to clients, whether it be a couple of hours per week to help clean the home or to provide respite care. In the latter case professional nurses and carers will be employed.
There is a help line and if Age Care cannot answer your questions, then Age Care will be able to give you alternative suggestions on where you might be able to access the information that you require or even help you do it.